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Have you ever signed a listing agreement with an agent who promised you the moon and stars only to have your house sit on the market for months? This scenario is common in the real estate market and is frustrating for many sellers.

You have strong motivation to sell your home and now your plans have been thrown off track because your house isn’t selling. It is a disappointment no homeowner wants to face.

When this happens you deserve answers…ask your previous agent these questions.

  • How many showings did your agent record?
  • What feedback did your agent obtain from buyer’s agents?
  • Why didn’t you get any offers for your house?
  • What marketing efforts and/or results did your agent share with you?
  • How much did your agent budget for marketing your house?
  • What advice did your agent provide about the listing price and comparable sales for your neighborhood?
  • What will the previous agent do differently if you list your house with them again?

When you have the answers to these questions it is time to consider your options. Are you dissatisfied with the explanations your agent provided? Did they back up their answers with data or did you feel like you were getting blown off?

Now is the time to ask yourself the hard questions…

  • Am I confident my previous agent will sell my house this time?
  • What will he/she do differently this time around to get my house sold?
  • Can I afford to go several more months before selling my house?
  • Do I want to continue causing stress for me and my family by missing out on selling my house now?
  • What is my original motivation to sell and is it strong enough to sell my house now?
  • Am I willing to reposition my house on the market with the right agent to sell my house?

Some of these things and more will happen when your home fails to sell when you list the first time. You will be flooded by phone calls from agents who are aggressively pitching their services. Some people can get more than 25 calls a day from salespeople telling you they have buyers for your house. You will want to change your phone number or stop answering it all together. Some agents will show up at your door hoping to talk you into listing with them. Your mail might get flooded with marketing materials.

I want to help you avoid the pain of missing out on your opportunity to make your next move and dealing with aggressive salespeople who are only interested in their commission pay check. While different methods may work for other agents my approach is truthful and client need based.

As your Realtor, I will listen to you and tailor a personalized marketing plan that is based on your needs. Avoid the pain, stress and frustration of not selling your home by listing with me today.

Call or email me to schedule your personal needs analysis and marketing strategy.

Cheers to your success!

Brandy Christensen / Realtor / BRE#01971181

916-600-1239 / brandy.christensen@kw.com